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Thanks for visiting! My aim with this site is not only to share my journey with Mental Illness but to actually try and make a difference in this world. 

There is so much work to be done to end the stigma of Mental Health and to also be as authentic as possible. There are lots of plans in the making for 2020 and I am very excited about the future of this site. 


Kyle's talk at the Resilience Festival was thought provoking, insightful and engaging. He has a talent in bringing mental illness to the forefront and to make it a comfortable subject to speak about. He has a story that needs to be told and the world needs to hear it.   

Greg McManus

Resilience Festival

Kyle and Harvey were the ‘stars’ of our workshop today. Kyle’s speaking style had participants totally engaged in his very first words. His lived experience shared with so much compassion and courage. Such a powerful story told so eloquently. Thank you, Kyle, for caring so much for others, and for sharing the wisdom and hope of your ongoing journey.”

Jane Armstrong, Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Kyle's talk, at our festival, was extremely moving and informative. He conveys his journey relatably and with candor. His willingness to engage with some of his difficulties on stage, express himself with honesty, and capture a sense of growth and progress, is inspiring. His talk was also well informed regarding Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) - a complex diagnosis, rarely spoken about and heavily stigmatized. Having a capable speaker, like Kyle, explain his own experiences with BPD and present it in a readily understandable fashion was fantastic. Kyle has tremendous potential as a mental health advocate.

Ajdin Mujezinovic

Mental Health Liason 

This is Harvey my awesome assistance dog!

Id like to introduce my little savior, Harvey, he is currently in training to become an assistance dog, he even has his own ID! I hope you can support us on our journey.

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