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Medication – The reality

The harsh reality of having multiple comorbid illnesses is that it generally requires A LOT of medication to keep things relatively in control. I often think from a funny perspective, when I gobble all of them down in the morning and again in the evening, that all these pills must be like “hey what are you here for?” and “what am I meant to be doing again”. Like a cartoon of little pills with faces, all confused as to what they are meant to be doing. It helps me keep things a little lighter when the frustration starts to build up of having to take them all every day.

My Doctor often asks, “How do you think blah pill is going” and I'm like “ Ummmm how the hell would I know who’s doing what?” I'm just as confused as the little cartoon pills.

I know they are a necessity, and it scares me to think what things would be like without them, but it also saddens me to wonder what l would be like medication free. I can't remember what that feels like, would I be the same person? I don’t know.

Often people are ashamed of the idea of taking medication for their Mental Health which is why I am sharing these photos. I am sometimes in two minds about my medication and am getting it reviewed soon. It makes things much harder to deal with if I have a really bad day, or god forbid end up in the hospital because it leaves me feeling more helpless. I think to myself if I am taking all this medication and things are still so difficult on a daily basis, then what’s the answer?

The answer is to keep trying, keep an open mind and not be ashamed at needing medication any more than someone would be if they needed antibiotics.

One of the main medications that I have also pictured is Harvey. He is by far the one that I can say helps me the most. I know I have to look after him, love him and feel love back from him. He is and always will be my little saviour.

To those out there that feel embarrassed to talk about medication, please don’t. It is something that needs to be talked about more to reduce the stigma attached to it. People need to feel empowered to find a good Doctor and follow their advice.

Once again thanks for reading, please share this post to reach as many people as we can. Also hit the like button on my page, which will keep you up to date with everything if you’d like to come on this journey with me.


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