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Why being a Mental Health Blogger is challenging to maintain.

Being a Mental Health blogger at times feels like a complete uphill battle. In the blogging world, Mental Health is not considered a profitable niche to write about.

Now I don't say this with the disappointment that I cannot make money from my blog very easily, as that was not the reason or purpose for starting this blog and sharing the most personal parts of my life through it. I take comfort in the knowledge that something I write may help someone to feel less isolated and more understood in their moments of darkness.

So this post is going to sound a little confrontational, but so be it. Since starting out I have done so much research to find ways to reach as many people as possible and the reason for this is that I turned to the internet to help myself understand my illness and to feel less alone and connected to the world.

I also do not at all take away the achievements of highly successful bloggers. However, to know that something like applying makeup is both more profitable and more interesting to people than something like Mental Health which so many people suffer from, is I admit, frustrating, to say the least.

The world seems out of sync to me at the moment. People would far rather read about fashion and money making blogs than direct their attention and support to a cause that kills so many people on a daily basis. This is why, after all the work that amazing people and institutions have done to raise awareness, the stigma still exists in such an incredibly strong way. Perhaps it makes people feel uncomfortable to read about someone's struggle or is it that we still have so far to go before someone would choose to support Mental Health Blogs and advocates the same way they support someone showing you how to put makeup on.

The road ahead is clearly long, but I will not give up on this as long as one single person finds support and comfort in what I may write about.

I'd like to expand my blog topics in the near future to things that are still important to me and also share some humour of the crazy things I have been through. But I will never stop fighting to smash the stigma of Mental Illness and one day see the world as less superficial and vacuous than I do at the moment.

Again, I do not judge or be critical of others success in the area they are passionate about. But I would like to see a change in us where talking openly about Mental Health is considered as important as blogging about money making ideas and all the other blog niche's that are bringing in the money and readers.

I hope to see a world where we look at compassion and helping people the same way we look at everything else.

The Darkness can be a lonely place to be
The Darkness can be a lonely placeto be

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