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Opening My Candle Store!

It's been a busy few weeks, I had my first public speaking outing with Harvey which I will blog about in a new post. I was super anxious leading up to it getting everything ready, including my Candles.

I am so excited to have already sold a few already. This was an interesting choice for me but I knew I needed another creative outlet and had to think savvy about whether I could make a few dollars to keep things going with my blog. So its been a bit of a juggling act and I have been trying to manage my mood and wellbeing in the process.

So onto my Candles. I never thought it would be something that actually requires skill, trust me there have been some disasters along the way, but its been a joy figuring things out and starting to put out there a product I am truly proud of.

Obviously starting any Small Business is a risk and I am prepared for that outcome by not letting myself dream too big at first. I'd also like to start doing some videos of actually making the candles, so I can share that part of the journey with you too.

I'm going to keep things short and sweet on this one. I just mainly wanted to relay my excitement and hope that you find something you like. These aren't just cheap candles you would buy at Target, they are super high quality and I can assure you, they smell amazing. Luckily one upside to choosing this is that my house smells awesome all the time. One of the perks...

So I hope you continue to come along this journey with me. Meltdown By Kyle wouldn't be what it is without these Candles.

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